Rane on my parade...

As an "old head" and a new DJ, of the past three years, I am yelling at the top of my lungs and shaking my fist to the heavens asking WHY ARE THESE MIXERS SO FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE!!!??? Back in 1991 when I made my first attempt to become a DJ, the mixer I purchased was the same mixer DJ Scratch of EPMD had in the 'Rampage' video. I purchased that glorious mixer for 80 bucks on Southern Blvd in the South Bronx. I currently own the Rane 56 and I am looking to upgrade. So when I looked online and saw the price of the Sixty-Two I almost called Rane and asked them "will the mixer DJ the party and carry the equipment on its own??" I get it has a lot of features but GOODNESS lol. Hopefully in the near future Rane will sponsor me and send me one for free!

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