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The Hip Hop Culture was created by a DJ. DJ Kool Herc to be exact!! With that fact in place it is safe to say THE DJ IS THE CORNERSTONE OF HIP HOP. All the great records we all know and love have been broken by DJ's. In this day and age it confuses me on how the power of the DJ to break records have been diminished. It seems to me that everyone who is NOT A DJ are controlling what the DJ plays. We have program directors all the way down to the club promoters who tell a DJ what to play. What part of the game is that? If they are selecting the songs, why do they need us?

When I talk to other DJ's they say they hate playing the same songs every night. They also say they hate playing "trap music" all night. My question to them is, why wont you do something about it? When I look at my career I realize that I am one of the lucky ones. The parties and corporate events I get hired to DJ, I am not subjected to play music I don't like. As long as I keep the people on the dance floor I am doing the job I am being paid for.

So what is stopping every radio and club DJ from revolting, throwing their own parties, to break records they feel are extraordinary? As a whole we need to take back our power. There are a ton of venues we can rent for a low price or even get for free. We just need to go back to the basics. Build our teams, bring awareness to the targeted markets, build a solid following, and get back to the reason we all became a DJ in the first place. The love of discovering and playing music, rock parties, have fun, and get paid!

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