How do I promote my DJ services?

This is a question I ask myself everyday! Being a full time DJ looking at my calendar I always feel I am not doing enough and I need to do more. Allow me to take inventory of what I do know and step back to see what I am missing.


This is an everyday event. Whether I am at a networking function or standing in line at the supermarket I find a way to spark a conversation and introduce myself and what I do for a living. I make sure I keep a stack of cards on me to give to potential clients. I also go into bars and clubs and introduce myself to the manager and talent booker. I set meetings and lay out what my services can bring to the table. On top of all that, I joined a great DJ collective called The Fleet DJ's.


Outside of Facebook and Instagram ads I simply wear my Fin The DJ t-shirts! I become my own walking billboard. I've landed a few gigs this way! I also hang my Fin The DJ banner on the table at every party I DJ. I also hand my card to people that come up to me to request songs. I figure if they like what I am doing and I play the songs they like (with in reason) and turn them into clients!


I blog as much as possible. I take pictures and videos and post them on my social media platforms. I ask friends and family to refer me to people they know. I am in the process of joining the Durham Chamber of Commerce. I also signed up for A lot of my gigs has come from this service.

Now as I look at what I have done to get my name out I have to take a step back to see what I am not doing that would help maximize my attempts to fill up my calendar. One thing I have not done yet is speak to other DJ's who's calendars are booked up. I now realize I have NOT taken full advantage of the DJ crew I am a part of. I need to start reaching out more, take them out for lunch and simply ask for advice. Having successful DJ's give constructive criticism will be the KEY to my success.

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