The Hip Hop debate between generations ends...

This has to be the pointless of all debates. Everyday on social media there is a debate or judgment being passed on who's music reigns supreme or who's music is wack or irrelevant. From the view of a 41 year old emcee/producer/dj/label owner I am tired of the pointless debate and here's why. These kids making music today are not making music for everyone. Their target market are between the ages of 3 - 24. The songs are simple, nursery rhyme-esque, filled with melodies and partial words. For fans of Hip Hop of the 80's and 90's IT IS CLEARLY NOT MADE FOR US. So why are we debating? Why are we wasting our time trying to destroy a generation that doesn't care what we have to say? Let's be real here, they don't even acknowledge our existence and they continue to thrive in their era and music scene. Once you come to grips with our style of music never returning to the mainstream you will live a better life!

There are so many young artists who are carrying the torches from our era. There are droves of emcees out there in the underground fighting the good fight and making music for their generation of fans who want to hear lyrics, substance and dope beats. And get this, they even care on what we think about their music. But the majority of you guys are so worried about what Uzi and them are doing and hating their music so much you have forgotten how to search for music you want to champion! You have young emcee's like Kemba, Shame, Latasha Alcindor, O.I.S.D, just to name a few (click on their names to follow them on IG), making timeless music! Here's a thought, how about we champion the artist that are making music we are proud of, talk about them on the internet ALL DAY, support them and watch them succeed? Wouldn't that be more productive in building our culture instead of focusing on tearing down something that was never built for us in the first place?

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