I have not forgotten...

Good afternoon my loyal readers! I have not forgotten you! I've been so busy since my last blog. I know I need to do better. After the party at Duke University I have been overwhelmed with incredible opportunities and it has diverted my attention from writing. So today I have cleared my schedule to sit down and share my good fortune with you!

Since my last post I have been pretty busy. Outside of DJ'ing and keeping the party people on the dance floor all night, I have expanded my duties to managing an incredible recording artist by the name of SHAME. I will post his music and EPK shortly to give you a better understanding on how great he is and why I decided to add the manager role to my repertoire.

There is a lot of work in the manager role but it is all worth it especially when yo believe in the person you are managing and when the artist believes in you. Shame and I are on the same page and we can see what doesn't exist yet. We are working on his new album, shooting videos, planning his first tour, and getting steps closer to being sponsored and landing a licensing deal. SEE! So much on my plate. I wasn't being lazy or have forgotten those who take the time to read my blogs. I've been really busy. There are so many other things happening for me as well. I will save that for the next blog!


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