Know when to say when

When you are DJ'ing a party it is important to remember you are a professional! It is easy to get caught up in the moment when the drinks are flowing, you have taken the party to an unbelievable height, and the crowd loves you so much everyone seems to want to buy you a drink. I love Scotch! Macallan 25 is my personal drink of choice! But when I am working, yes even though spinning records is something we all love doing it is still our profession, I know when to say when!

Being inebriated can lead to a bad mix, slurring of your words, and sounding like the drunk uncle at a cook-out yelling on the microphone. I've watched it happen and I learned from those DJ's mistakes. Plus you don't want to look bad in front of the people who hired you. Imagine what their review will look like! "The DJ was drunk. His mixing was horrible. No one should ever hire this guy. Completely unprofessional!" Now do you want this kind of reputation due to a few drinks over your limit?


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